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Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless

Innovative Solutions for Your Fleet Operations 

GPS tracking is a valuable tool if you’re running a fleet business.

The technology provides updated and real-time information for round-the-clock business operations. It helps you monitor and track deliveries and make sure they are on schedule. When it comes to GPS Fleet Management technology, Navman Wireless provides the best solution for your business. Navman Wireless prides itself in being the leader in the fleet tracking industry. Our company has received several awards and recognition from well established companies around the globe. We have over 14,000 customers from different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, U.S.A., Mexico, Taiwan, China, and many more. 

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Qube Vehicle Tracking Device

Track and monitor your fleet and equipment in real-time, 24/7.

You can’t fix what you can’t detect. Go beyond simple fleet tracking and start truly analysing inefficiencies in your operation.

The Telstra Next G® approved Qube 300 tracking device is a dependable onboard device that collects and sends information directly from your vehicle to your PC or mobile device using Telstra’s Next G network and is ideal for any company with one or more vehicles. When you combine the Qube with our proprietary software solution OnlineAVL2, you have a powerful analytical tool that generates the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to make meaningful business decisions.

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Online AVL2

Know Your Fleet, Inside and Out.

Better business decisions start with OnlineAVL2 Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence — today.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Having a comprehensive GPS solution in place is as essential to your operation as phones, computers and vehicles — without it, your fleet is simply incomplete.

Fortunately, no matter what your industry (and whether your fleet has 10 vehicles or 1000), gaining total insight into your operations has never been easier.

OnlineAVL2 provides you with the solutions you need to monitor, manage and communicate with your vehicles. It gives you real-time visibility into every aspect of your fleet on your desktop, laptop or mobile device so that you can make informed decisions to decrease fuel costs and downtime, boost productivity and safety, maintain preventative maintenance cycles and more.

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M-Nav Navigation Systems

Commercial navigation system

Off-the-shelf consumer products simply cannot provide the robust features that a complex business requires. You’re dealing with multiple drivers, demanding customers and shrinking budgets – not directions to the holiday house.

The M-Nav 950 by Navman Wireless is an in-cab terminal that facilitates not only fleet tracking, but is also a two-way messaging and business navigation solution. Used in combination with the award-winning OnlineAVL2, M-Nav 950 connects you with the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to boost your bottom line. A commercial navigation system offers many benefits:

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Qtanium 350 - Ruggedised Asset Tracking

Track and monitor your fleet and equipment under the most demanding conditions.

The Qtanium 350 is an extremely rugged GPS tracking system which is reliable, robust and allows you to keep tabs on all of your off-road assets, from the largest earthmover to the smallest bobcat.

Combine the Qtanium 350 with our OnlineAVL2 software to bring all of your vehicles, plant and equipment assets onto a single screen, from your PC to your mobile device. Collect and analyse real-time and historical data, and get the fleet and mobile asset intelligence you need to easily make effective changes throughout your organisation and increase your profits.

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Qtanium 100 - Self-Powered Asset Tracking

Track and monitor your unpowered equipment and trailers.

The Qtanium 100 is a self-powered asset tracker designed for unpowered assets and trailers.

The Qtanium 100 is compatible with our OnlineAVL2 software and tracked assets appear alongside other Qube and Qtanium 350 tracked vehicles. The Qtanium 100 provides simple, reliable management of a variety of assets including trailers, containers, construction & mining equipment. It can be used on- or off-highway and is suitable for applications where no power is available and where the asset may be unattended for long periods. It is fully self contained, so installation is easy and it can be bolt or magnet mounted.

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