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Know Your Fleet, Inside and Out.

Better business decisions start with OnlineAVL2 Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence — today.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Having a comprehensive GPS solution in place is as essential to your operation as phones, computers and vehicles — without it, your fleet is simply incomplete.

Fortunately, no matter what your industry (and whether your fleet has 10 vehicles or 1000), gaining total insight into your operations has never been easier.

OnlineAVL2 provides you with the solutions you need to monitor, manage and communicate with your vehicles. It gives you real-time visibility into every aspect of your fleet on your desktop, laptop or mobile device so that you can make informed decisions to decrease fuel costs and downtime, boost productivity and safety, maintain preventative maintenance cycles and more.

The result: Complete access to critical fleet-related information that you otherwise wouldn’t know — so that you can make better business decisions while reducing operating expenses across the board.

onlineavl2-desktopOnlineAVL2 allows you to quickly do the following:

  • Dispatch and allocate jobs to the nearest vehicles
  • Provide transparency on your team’s whereabouts
  • Confirm ETAs and deliver enhanced customer service
  • Reduce team downtime
  • Control and reduce overtime, fuel and vehicle usage
  • Improve route planning
  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Provide accurate customer quotes and invoices
  • Integrate with your back-office applications
  • Access your most critical fleet information from anywhere


onlineavl2-mobileStay on Top of Your Fleet and Equipment — Anytime, Anywhere.

Business never stands still. OnlineAVL2 gives you the ability to track and manage your entire fleet while on the go with your mobile devices. You can instantly locate the vehicles in your fleet, view their daily activity, identify and route the nearest vehicle to urgent jobs, send messages to your drivers, and much more.

  • View your entire fleet’s location on Google Maps for a quick snapshot of where all your vehicles are
  • View a vehicle’s latest activity with address, date, time and speed details
  • Replay the vehicle’s most recent journey
  • Send and receive messages between your iPhone and the vehicle’s messaging terminal*
  • Route one or more of your vehicles to a site, including the job details as a message — directly from your mobile device**

Select an image below to view the powerful usability of the Onlinve AVL2 System

Navman Wireless customers can download the iPhone or Android app today and enjoy anywhere access to OnlineAVL2.


Releasing the new Navman Wireless Director

The Newest Iteration of OnlineAVL, brings a fundamental difference

Navman Wireless DIRECTOR was designed with accessibility and simplicity in mind. The platform allows companies to gain efficient management habits while reducing their operating costs and increasing overall revenue. The software adapts to the needs of fleets of any size and helps businesses create bigger and better success stories every day.

Navman Wireless DIRECTOR offers a range of product features, including:

  • Interactive Mapping
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring*
  • Dispatch Communication
  • Sites and Alerts
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Vehicle Maintenance Overviews

* Driver Behaviour Monitoring is Hardware Dependant

Further to new features being added, the New Navman Wireless DIRECTOR is browser based and programmed in HTLM5 which means that it will be compatible with far more computers and network environments. If you can run Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you should be able to run DIRECTOR. For further information, please contact us


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