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Security Cameras

Event Triggering

A trigger is a signal that is used to initiate an event.

These can come from hardware, i.e. a push button or generated by software such as entering a geo-fence area. The camera has 3 trigger inputs similar to the Digital Inputs on the Qube. Anything you can use to trigger the Qube can be used to trigger the camera.

Video Clips

When the camera receives an event from the trigger it has a configured clip for that trigger. This defines the length of the clip, which is split in to pre-trigger time and post-trigger time. In most cases, the interesting part happens before the trigger occurs e.g. what caused the driver to slam on the brakes and trigger the harsh braking.

Event Triggering 1What can be a trigger?

This is a list of common configuration and suggestions. There are always new and novel ways of triggering.

Event Triggering Table

You can define the times to be almost anything, they pre and post don’t have to match.


Any trigger that is used to as an event for the camera should always be used as an event for the Navman system. OnlineAVL does all event notification and alerting, the video is there as supporting data. The tracking data can tell you what, when and where happened, but the video can show you how it happened – this is why the time BEFORE the event is important.

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